Customize Your Pikimal Experience

Every part of Pikimal was designed to tailor towards what you want. We made it that way so that all users can make the best product decisions without having to decipher marketing speak. Many of our visitors use Pikimal frequently, but never create an account with us. That’s okay with us, no account necessary, but they may not realize what they’re missing.

The goal for Pikimal has always been to become a search community. We want our members to use our tools to help themselves and others sort through millions of facts and marketing bias. While our mission is to provide search results that are truly relevant, you can help add a personal touch.

Share Your Experience.
As a member, you can rate and review all of our items. While a majority of our rankings come from the facts about products, we don’t ignore user ratings! An item that is highly regarded by users and has great specs will rise above one with similar characteristics, but no community love. The more people who contribute their experience to Pikimal, the better it becomes.


Rating an Item


Save Your Work.
When you spend time building your own custom templates, don’t lose them! By signing in, you’re able to save all of those customized lists to return to later or share with others. Can’t remember exactly what you chose before? By clicking on your profile you can view all of your saved templates, past reviews, and more.


Save Custom Template


And best of all it’s completely free! While it’s not necessary to join Pikimal, for a truly personal experience it’s still encouraged. Also, we’ll be giving away a special Piki Ball to a random member who registers by Friday!

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