One Week ‘Til Launch! Read To Receive A Free Pikiball

UPDATE: Thank you for your responses, but we are not looking for ideas of what to do with bouncy balls. We are looking for ideas for Pikis, which are web tools that rank the best of everything. Watch our video to find out what a Piki is:

Original Post: We’re counting down the days until our site launch on Friday October 22, and to celebrate, we’re sending out a free bright orange Pikiball to anyone who currently holds a Pikimal account. If you don’t have a Pikimal account, but you want a bouncy ball of joy, you’ll have to work for it:

  • Comment on our blog
  • Post on our Facebook wall
  • Tweet us @pikimal

Include in your message your favorite Piki idea, and we’ll consider your application. If we love your Piki idea, we’ll contact you to let you know that a ball is on its way. We’re stopping at 500 requests, so get yours in early!

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729 Responses to One Week ‘Til Launch! Read To Receive A Free Pikiball

  1. Mark says:

    A piki for study abroad programs!

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  3. Josephine says:

    A piki idea for breast cancer!

    • Jessica says:

      Hi Josephine! Pikimalians support fighting breast cancer, but what would a Piki help you choose about it? Try again ;) .

    • Natalie R says:

      I recall as a first time parent when I was pregnant that it was difficult to choose common baby items. When you enter the most common baby stores and are faced with a wall of diapers, bottle, strollers, etc choosing can seem overwhelming and stressful having the specs and the ability to use your computer before going to the store will help narrow things down for parents to be which means less stress on the physical mental and relationship. I hope that pikimal will be the next big thing for people like me who do some netshopping before I enter the shoppers jungle on a regular day or holiday for baby items and more. Thank you

  4. Terri says:

    I think these would be cute for a “Happy Birthday” care package for my nieces and nephews! Or even a “Merry Christmas” package for the upcoming holidays!

  5. Nash says:

    A piki for keeping earth green program

  6. Erin says:

    If they are the right weight and hand size,
    they would be great for juggling balls!!!

  7. Jessica Hathaway says:

    I have the hardest time deciding how I want my hair when I get it cut, so I think a hairstyles piki would be extremely helpful.

    • pikimal says:

      Hi Jess! This is an idea that we have been kicking around for a while, actually. Great minds think alike! It sounds like we were on the right track with that idea. The great honor of Pikiball ownership shall be bestowed upon you.

  8. Jim says:

    How about a Piki to help people decide what the best way to insulate their homes is?

  9. Nanthana says:

    Really nice one

  10. inom says:

    I am a mom always worried about safety of my kids and safety issue of kids products. I think it would be great to have a Piki to spread more awareness about child safety

  11. Tara Murray says:

    How about a Piki ball reminding people to change the batteries in their smoke detectors?

    • pikimal says:

      The balls are a promotion for our new site Pikimal. A Piki is a decision making tool which helps people set preferences, filter results, and compare different products. (Just wait until you see it after we launch next week! It is very cool.)

      Can you think of a Piki that we could make that would help people decide between different fire safety products?

  12. Anil says:

    I like these bouncy balls.

  13. Yan says:

    As a parent of a 4-year-old picky eater, I think a veggie/fruit piki will definitely make eating veggies and fruits fun. What a great way of encouraging healthy eating habit formation!

  14. cine says:

    a piki for technological innovations for persons with disabilities, disability advocacy and outreach to american veterans with disabilities

  15. Tricia says:

    What about a Piki for neighborhoods?

  16. brittany says:

    1. a ‘care package’ pikiball that you can send to your sons/daughters/relatives/fiends who are away at school…a cute way to let them know you’re thinking of them!

    2. a birthday pikiball you can personalize with a photo!

    • pikimal says:

      We actually aren’t in the ball-making business, though we wish we could take credit for them. The balls are a promotion for our new site Pikimal. A Piki is a decision making tool which helps people set preferences, filter results, and compare different products. (Just wait until you see it after we launch next week! It is very cool.)

      Is there a decision that we could help you make?

  17. Yan says:

    Another one, vacation piki! vacation for adults, for kids, for seniors, choose a destination could be fun and complicated at the same time. A vacation piki will be a winner!!

  18. Sean says:

    Lunch Piki helps people decide what to eat for lunch among the restaurants nearby.

  19. Ruksana Mohammed says:

    A piki to care for others.

    • pikimal says:

      The balls are a promotion for our new site Pikimal. A Piki is a decision making tool which helps people set preferences, filter results, and compare different products. (Just wait until you see it after we launch next week! It is very cool.)

      Is there a decision that we could help you make?

  20. Tracy Hill says:

    sorry, hit post by accident! I think a Piki for literacy would be a great idea…young and old would benefit.

  21. krystal robinson says:

    you guys should set up a house party type thing and pick some mothers and fathers to throw a Get outside and play party for the kids and use the balls to have fun and exercise

    • pikimal says:

      That sounds fun, bu the balls actually are a promotion for our new site Pikimal. A Piki is a decision making tool which helps people set preferences, filter results, and compare different products. (Just wait until you see it after we launch next week! It is very cool.)

      Is there a decision that we could help you make?

  22. Ervis says:

    Your only a Piki Bounce away

  23. Rajiv says:

    Great Idea!!! I like the Bouncy Balls

  24. Lunachique says:

    Hi! Can’t wait to have a look at your site!

  25. krystal robinson says:

    A piki for kids to get out and play, nowadays all kids wanna do is play with video games.

    • pikimal says:

      We love playing outside, but the balls actually are a promotion for our new site Pikimal. A Piki is a decision making tool which helps people set preferences, filter results, and compare different products. (Just wait until you see it after we launch next week! It is very cool.)

      Is there a decision that we could help you make?

  26. Janel says:

    What about a piki that helps you find the best deals on a specific product you are looking for…could that be done?

  27. Swati says:

    I love Bouncy Ball!!!

  28. krystal robinson says:

    A Piki about child obesity and exercise

  29. Ruksana Mohammed says:

    Would love to see how the too works :) GL

  30. LJD says:

    Pikiballs for law enforcement to carry in their vehicles. When they’re responding to calls with children involved, they can give the ball to the child to play with to occupy them and keep ‘em distracted. Obviously it wouldn’t work in *all* kid-situations, but for many things, it’d be aces. ;-)

    • pikimal says:

      You’re very creative, which we love. However, the balls are actually a promotion for our new site Pikimal. A Piki is a decision making tool which helps people set preferences, filter results, and compare different products. (Just wait until you see it after we launch next week! It is very cool.)

      Is there a decision that we could help you make?

  31. Lindsey Allen says:

    A Piki for programs to help special needs children. Such as schools and sports.

  32. Misty says:

    Piki for SIDS awareness!

    • pikimal says:

      A Piki is a decision-making tool. Is there a decision that we could help parents make that could help them prevent SIDS? I bet a lot of parents would be interested in that. :)

  33. cheryl christmas says:

    sounds like a great christmas gift!!!!

  34. Akhi Bhaiya says:

    Great Idea!

  35. Tara Murray says:

    A Piki Ball with several different area mortgage rates and companies?

  36. Lucky Cabral says:

    I posted it on twitter and my facebook but I don’t see where I can have one sent to me. I’m going to love this ball.LOL

  37. Crimson Miller says:

    How about one to help me AND my husband get motivated to do our physical therapy – I have pretty bad scoliosis and he has a form of muscular dystrophy.

    • pikimal says:

      A Piki is a tool that helps people make decisions. Are there some decisions that we could help you make that would help you get more motivated? Would it help to find locations nearby where you could do your therapy? Or maybe you need help finding some snazzy new equipment?

  38. Kailey says:

    I’d LOVE the ball for my daughter! You could use Piki to spread the word about green DIAPERING! Yes, I said diapering. Cloth diapers are great for the environment and many moms don’t know that they’re no longer just a strip of cloth! They are easy, absolutely adorable (My daughter wears dresses so I can show off her diaper easier) and GREEN!
    My favorite diapers are Kawaiis and Fuzzibunz, but all cloth diapers are better than plastic disposables to me! We haven’t touched a disposable since converting when my daughter was 3 months old.

    • pikimal says:

      A Piki for diapers is a fantastic idea! The great thing about a Piki is that it helps you find the right product for you based on what is most important to you. A diaper Piki could have preference for diapers that are environmentally friendly. I bet a lot of “green” moms would love that! You’ve earned your Pikiball!

  39. C Miller says:

    Piki would be great to help children to better understand their choices and tradeoffs they make after school. This includes: doing homework early vs doing it late, digital face time vs being active, snacking right vs sugar-fat choices. There could have been time based decisions around practicing music for 10 minutes vs 20 minutes per day. Since parents aren’t always around it be great to reinforce good habits.

  40. Shannon Schulte says:

    I think a piki for desserts. That sounds tasty!

  41. Andy says:

    Where to travel to for a vacation!

  42. Michele says:

    What about one for teenagers face college? So many options, classes, and choices there.

  43. Nicole says:

    A piki for local travel would be great. Something that would let you see what was going on in a certain area, then filter it down by age groups, cost, etc.

  44. Lori Hasselbring says:

    I’d like a free piki that ranks (rates) best value products like Consumer Reports. Also, the ranking should include a price range. Consumer products like printers, DVDs, toasters, etc. (I use to check low prices and to check customer ratings right now. I also have a subscription to Consumer Reports but they don’t always have all products rated.)

  45. Msduttie says:

    What about a Piki to spread the word about organic healthy foods?

  46. Sam Hasselbring says:

    I need to find the best electricity provider in Houston but all the information isn’t gathered in one place. I can check each one separately but it’s difficult to compare the plans sometimes.

  47. Tommy says:

    Piki for credit cards and the different APR’s and benefits ie.) cashback, mileage pts, etc.

  48. Bronwen M. says:

    A Piki for parks and recreation/amusement locations for kids.

  49. Tommy says:

    Piki for different cell phones. What carriers are locked to which ones. The actual cost over the contract periods (minute plans, data, fees, etc.). Initial cost for phone (subsidized vs. unsubsidized)

  50. james says:

    What about a Piki for cell phone companies and plans?

  51. Linda Tate says:

    A Piki is a great way to promote exercise for young children, through fun.

  52. krystal robinson says:

    How about a piki about food and snacks healthy for kids and adults

  53. Milton says:

    Or how about a piki that helps people make last minute gift giving decisions based on occasion, age, interests, neighborhood, personality, etc.

  54. krystal robinson says:

    A piki for how to buget your money every month

  55. julie says:

    how about finding the differences between religions and the churches that go with them?

  56. pam says:

    A piki for vegetarian and vegan foods.

  57. Malea says:

    A Piki to help when buying items for babies and children, such as cribs, car seats, strollers.

  58. Travis W. Howard says:

    A Piki for children’s films.

    A parent resource to find films based on rating, and filter results by content (if you’re ok with PG but don’t want violence, etc)

    Compare/contrast results by metacritic ratings (or IMDB, etc)

    Search for films of a certain type (animation, genre, favorite actor/actress)

    Maybe even something that might suggest a film based on past searches/preferences?

  59. Michelle says:

    How about a piki for choosing which restaurant to go out to?? My bf and I always have such a hard time deciding where to go!

  60. Michelle says:

    How about a piki for restaurants?? My bf and I always have such a hard time deciding where to go on date night!

  61. krystal robinson says:

    a piki for pregnant women

  62. Pam i Am says:

    a Piki which helps people choose the best way to quit smoking

  63. Laurel says:

    How about a Piki to help me decide where to spend my copious free time on the web

  64. Pam i Am says:

    a Piki to help choose the best automobile to purchase….and insurance company to use based upon lifestyle and location

  65. Acacia says:

    How about a Piki to help decide which cars or trucks would best fit our budget and lifestyle? Possibly a Piki on which school or neighborhood would best fit a family moving to a new area.

  66. Izzy says:

    I would love a Piki to help my husband and I decide what to name our baby (it’s a boy lol and we can’t agree!)

  67. Milton says:

    Piki for comparing diet and exercise programs. A comparison of effort and results.

  68. jml says:

    how about one to choose the best computers and software

  69. Ellen Densmore says:

    Perhaps a ‘green’ friendly Piki would be helpful for people looking to buy eco-friendly alternatives. It could give them alternatives they had not even thought of, like biodegradable products over the non-biodegradable ones.

  70. Milton says:

    Piki for comparing senior care centers, hospices, etc.

  71. Kim t says:

    A piki for choosing the perfect wedding band. One that help you choose metals, stones etc. that would be more help than the jewelers website or plain old search engine results…which don’t really help.

  72. Emily G says:

    How about a piki to help you decide what to do in your local area on a Saturday nite (movies, restaurants, sales at local stores, etc.)? Or maybe even ones to help find pet-friendly things to do!

  73. Stephanie Lowe says:

    A Piki ball for which anti-virus program is best for your computer.

  74. Michele says:

    What about a Piki for health insurance. Companies, coverage, rates and offers.

  75. Mable says:

    How about helping me to pick the best movie to see at the theaters within a certain mile radius? I could enter some of my film preferences, combined with those of any other people going with me, plus the movies we’ve already seen, and then the a top ten movie list could be created for me based on this info! It would certainly make going to the movies easier when you have a small group of people.

  76. Lynn says:

    I just went through a ton of hassle trying to find the best car seat for my baby. With so many choices, recalls, warnings, ratings, reviews to go through on a bunch of different sites, I would LOVE a Piki for choosing the best/safest carseat!! (And other baby products, too.)

  77. krystal robinson says:

    How about a piki for people looking for green products to buy

  78. krystal robinson says:

    Also a piki for local free health care clinics in your area

  79. Beth00 says:

    A piki for choosing the right college for you! Set preferences for school size, academic competitiveness, etc., and filter by location, etc.

  80. Lynn says:

    Oh, and a Piki to help choose hair salons and spas would be really useful. And a Piki to choose cable providers!

  81. Izzie says:

    A piki to help show us how to cook healthy meals for our families!

  82. Anh Mikael says:

    Piki’s can be used to determine healthy drinks and snack comparisons

  83. Kathleen Crystal-Michael says:

    I’d use a Piki to figure out what restaurant to go to to eat.

  84. Ong Miko says:

    Piki’s can be used for figuring out what car to buy.

  85. Bacmai TuanAnh says:

    Piki’s can be used to figure out what house to buy.

  86. Anh Miko says:

    Piki’s can be used to determine which supermarket to go to to shop for food.

  87. Stephanie says:

    How about a Piki for what kind of pet to get?

  88. Msduttie says:

    What about a Piki for helping consumers choose the best running/walking/etc shoe?

  89. Michelle says:

    I think maybe if this is looking for the best of things, there are alot of people who might be looking for things like Realty the most popular Agents, or Therapy….just a thought….hope it’s good enough

  90. Jenn Cyr says:

    A good idea for a Piki would be to help consumers make better choices for buying different health supplements online. To compare the products and prices would be a great way to help the public!

  91. Ankita Wakade says:

    I think piki can be used for weight loss program.People can choose the diet and exercise plan based on their BMI,age etc.

  92. Rayaan says:

    How about Piki for Interfaith Info, Seminars and Location.

  93. Chris Robins says:

    How about a Piki for places to eat? The decision filter can be based on type of food, proximity, vegetarian, family meals & specials.

  94. nakia george says:

    a piki to use for finding the best green car to drive.

  95. Michelle says:

    A piki for restaurants

  96. Kim t says:

    Or perhaps for things like custom motorcycle/atv parts and mods. One that helps you find what you are looking for and places qualified to do it, while still fitting into your budget.

  97. angelwaters101 says:

    I piki for the best energy saving shower heads and toilets

  98. angelwaters101 says:

    A piki for the best restaurants to eat organic/vegetarian food in each state

  99. Christina Cooper says:

    How about Piki for what schools to send our kids to? Like colleges! Or what stores to shop at (great deals)….I have so many!! LOL

  100. Min Leib says:

    You guys should totally make a Piki that would help people select their carriers (try to include even prepaid options that would match relevant needs)for their cell phone service (and obviously always keep it up to date). this would be especially helpful for people who live in areas where there aren’t many options as it would explain to them in detail the plans caveats with roaming and so on ………

    another idea would be one that helps you with gardening and planting based on your location (soil zone) and season price range…

  101. Crystal Hardinger says:

    You could have a Piki for the best Sweepstakes on the internet.

  102. Becky Horn says:

    How about a Piki to help decide what vehicle to buy next?

  103. Tiffany says:

    Piki for cars. what changes have made from model year to year. any recalls, reliability issues. best deals/promos (financing, cash back from dealers to manufacturers). difference in features from one trim to another (engine size, convenience features ie, leather seats, navigation, etc)

  104. Jen says:

    It would be great to have a piki for restaurants in a particular city or neighborhood. Factors could include child-friendliness, ability to host large groups, types of cuisine, and average price.

    • pikimal says:

      Jen, I’ll tell you what, we’ve had a ton of requests for a restaurants Piki, but yours goes into some serious specifics. You just earned yourself a big orange ball!

  105. alexandrachb says:

    a piki to decide which diet to try! :P

  106. heather says:

    piki recipe finder!! reat for the holiday season!

  107. nakia george says:

    A piki to help buy the most energy efficient appliances

  108. Michelle says:

    How about a piki that helps with making choices in what career or type of education is best suited for you

  109. Treyce says:

    A piki for daycares? Like it could be sorted by age, area, price ect.

  110. kimberly davidson says:

    what about recipes, pet care, and savvy coupons.

  111. Barry Gorsky says:

    How about a Pizza Piki? Or how about local Pikis to find the best pizza, food, etc? Like Phoenix Pikis and within the Phoenix Piki you could a sub-piki for pizza or ice cream or whatever…

  112. Gary says:

    How about a Piki to help decide which new car to purchase. Conventional, Hybrid, or Electric. Or whether to purchase a new one at all.

  113. Felicia Chapman says:

    I think there should be a Piki for lots of things: How to access community resources in a crisis, listing which resources to access first, what’s involved, who to contact and eligibility. That way people in crisis can be proactive in getting support they need (housing, food, clothing, financial support, medical attention) and not be stuck waiting in line for information. Not knowing information, or waiting for information only to find out that you need more information or aren’t eligible can be extremely stressful in crisis situations.

    There could be a Piki for extracurricular activities for people based on age, location, time available, time of day, family option, babysitting available, interest, goal, cost, i.e. midnight swimming for family, etc. It could provide info on the usual activities i.e. soccer, as well as the unusual, like animation, or improv lessons. My friends with kids find out about activities second hand. They may look at the City website, but they don’t know about the small groups, the family experiences, the low cost options. One stop shop could make the planning and involvement of kids and family activities, something enjoyable for all.

    There could be a Piki for seniors trying to determine their next steps. Retirement homes, semi-independent living options, living independently, as well as resources available, cost, location, distance to family, meals included, activities included, pets included/allowed. Many of the seniors I worked with waited too long to make a decision, not wanting to consider other options. They were forced into a decision they didn’t agree with and had no say in. Piki could help them to be proactive and have a better quality of life.

  114. Carrie in SC says:

    This would come in handy with Christmas coming. My idea would be to use a Piki for vacation resorts. We are already planning for next year and it is so hard to compare different places on different sites at the same time. This would be awesome! :0)

  115. kimberly davidson says:

    how about health and fitness, weight loss program.

  116. Chris Rusanowski says:

    How about what activities to do with kids? (IE: let’s get them away from the TV… )

    Could be broken up into lots of more specific categories. Indoor games, Free games, outdoor games, games requiring little to no special props, etc. Or could be applied to commercial vendors games, or by age group, etc.

  117. kimberly davidson says:

    what about for buying houses, or cars, or renting apartments, vacations?

  118. Ginny says:

    A Piki to help decide with medical decisions-doctors/practices, medications-prescription or OTC and vitamins and supplements

  119. Amber Mayo says:

    How about a Piki that lets you know if the site you are trying to buy or sell something on is appropriate and safe.

  120. Oh I would SO love a piki for eyeshadow! What colors to put together! Would make my life so much easier!

  121. Julie says:

    How about a Piki for helping choose the best photo developing sites. There are far too many to choose from and its hard to know which one is best.

  122. kimberly davidson says:

    what about one for music, movies, theaters, activities going on in your neighbor for you family and friends.

  123. Mark says:

    How about a piki regarding over-the-counter medications – side effects, allergens, etc.? Obviously, I do not mean that it would take the place of a physician, but it could be helpful for someone with a less serious ailment.

  124. hmitchell says:

    a piki for the best freebies on the internet!

  125. kimberly davidson says:

    what about one for craft ideas to do with you kids

  126. james says:

    What about a Piki for Health Care Insurance? My mom had to get a plan for Health Insurance and there are few companies out there all with different benefits and rates.

  127. Lynn says:

    Don’t know if this has been mentioned but a Piki for choosing cell phones, service providers, and service plans!! Extrememly useful!!

  128. Will Stout says:

    A piki to help people find things to sell on ebay or the like.

  129. kelley says:

    Just ran accross this site..I am excitedabout your launch..I can think of many many tools I would fin d helpful….One would be an interior design tool to help with colors

  130. paul merker says:

    How about a Piki for picking the best places for spring break?

  131. Jessica Eyer says:

    How about a style piki? Especially for those who are very fashion forward/conscientious, it could help with different hairstyle, clothing, and makeup choices!

  132. Christina says:

    How about a piki for cloth diapers?

  133. Jenn Cyr says:

    In regards to literacy programs and resources, a great Piki would be to help the public compare different Online schools and Universities, there are so many of them, it would be great to have that information compiled for people looking to continue their education.

  134. kimberly davidson says:

    what about one on choosing the best schools, colleges, and programs

  135. Sonya says:

    How about a Piki for diabetics.

  136. Melissa Weiss says:

    Okay what about a Piki for getting freebies and couponing? I love to coupon but have a hard time figuring out what coupons are out there. Now thats a great Idea and a great tip on saving some money! :)

  137. Judie Cooper says:

    How about a piki for dog groomers in your area? It’s really hard to comparison shop with all the different options.

  138. Judie Cooper says:

    A piki that will help you pick the best plants for your garden depending on your soil, location and gardening style?

  139. kimberly davidson says:

    how about the place to have a wedding

  140. Ginny says:

    Piki for work at home options, secret shopper, survey sites (etc)

  141. Michael says:

    I think Piki’s would be great for figuring out what movie to watch when comparing down the different features, trailers, lengths, and reviews.

  142. Michelle says:

    I’m going to try one more time…I haven’t gotten a response, and it’s been over a hour :( I’ll throw out a new about a piki for grocery stores….( how close, whats on sale, cheapest, etc.)

    • pikimal says:

      You should be getting a response soon. :)

      • Michelle says:

        Thank you..I was wondering if you were seeing my posts..I was the first one to mention piki for restaurants (even though I accidentally commented twice back to back, gotta love technology!) So I thought maybe I will throw out another idea, and apparently that worked :) Am I supposed to be looking for an email from you guys??

  143. Ginny says:

    A Piki to help decide which household cleaners to buy-cost, effectiveness (how much of the product to you actually have to use), environmental impact, safest for children and pets
    Also for lawn and garden products and pest control (again with the same filters as above)

  144. mina says:

    Piki for multilingual educational programs for kids.

  145. MELINA PEREYRA says:

    A *Car Resource* Piki! Where We can find the best car store, prices, and where We can do questions about our car! like what are the best oil brand for an oil change, etc…

  146. Larry N. says:

    How about Piki that can help restaurant owners decide what new dishes to put on their menus!

  147. Cheryl Burton says:

    Choosing which or what type of pet would be best for my family.

  148. Jake says:

    How about one that helps contractors and D.I.Y. warriors? One that helps compare tools and supplies. For example power tools that are in your price range and are a good value for the money you can/will spend.

  149. ela says:

    how about a piki to help a person to choose when is the best time to visit a certain place (travel related) which takes into consideration the weather conditions, any natural calamities, alerting users of the possible weather and traffic issues and also suggests deals in the related categories that would be required for the travel like tickets, hotel booking, restaurants, etc

  150. Kay Heard says:

    I think a Piki for free product samples for well known mfg., mfg. websites to sign up for recipes and coupons or discounts for new products.

  151. Kay Heard says:

    I think we need a Piki for all things for Thyroid Problems such as treatment options, meds, search for drs by area, etc.

  152. k says:

    How about a piki on choosing art materials (i.e. paint, brushes, canvases, etc). For example, depending on the type of project & outcome you’re looking for, what quality would you need. Also, depends on your audience and price you’re able to spend. This would save a lot of $ from having to try every brand, particularly if they are not familiar with it.

  153. Meghan says:

    What about a Piki for comparing products to see which one’s the best? Or a Piki that allows you to, if you own a business, suggest ways to please a customer? A Piki for comparing snacks to see which ones the best? My biggest idea is a Piki for counting calories.

  154. Natalie Johnson says:

    Ok , my idea or suggestion , however you wanna put it is for there to be a search box that you can search the web for different items and then take those results and put it on ” your own” piki page for custom results. Also have a save option so that when your in the middle of comparing or just researching different things you can come back right where you left off. Also a “piki ppl” page where us consumers can submit a hard to find or obscure item for a breakdown. And last but not least an ipad/ iPhone app for people that are put and about shopping for instant results on the go. Okay I know that like 4 or 5 suggestions, does that mean I get 4 or 5 awesome bouncy balls? Lol. I have 4 kids and it would bring slot of bouncy bounce joy!!! Just kidding, but I would love to have one!!!!! Fingers crossed!!!!!!

  155. Meghan says:

    How about a Piki for showing the best plants to plant in your yard based on your data. [ How much shade, sun, etc.]

  156. candy smith says:

    A piki to help those looking for finical aid for school or even help finding accredited schools. I know some who have been deceived.

  157. Tiana Anderson says:

    You definitely need a piki that lists the best convention centers in the country! Many businesses are scouting places to hold their conventions annually, sometimes for the next three years at a time, and a piki that tells the best centers would be very helpful. If an Event Manager saw the piki, then they would get an idea of which convention centers to scout for their next convention. This piki would also let convention centers know where they rank and if they need to improve.

  158. Kay Heard says:

    I think we need a Piki for gift suggestions by sex and age. I t is getting so hard to buy an unique gift for kids & adults.

  159. Aaron Hufford says:

    A piki to to tell me what kind of music to listen to based on my mood.

  160. be tuyen says:

    I think the Pikiball’s would be good to use to determine which restaurants to go to based on their menu differences.

  161. Arlene says:

    Appliances, more specifically vacuums! Which ones don’t suck, or should I say do, for a longer time. lol I’m not about to pay $400 for one, but sick of spending between 50 and 80 a pop for something that craps out in a few months. :(

  162. Josh says:

    How about a political piki. Shows you the issues of each candidate running for which office, Then you can compare theirs to yours thus giving you a better understanding of who you want to vote for

  163. Meghan says:

    What about a camera Piki? You could put in a picture, and the Piki would tell you if the picture was too blurry, too dark, perfect, etc. It would help you make a decision on what pictures to keep on your camera or say goodbye to.

  164. chi hang says:

    Piki’s can be used for selecting hospitals to go to based on reading the types of specialists they have and overnight hours, open and close times.

  165. Ronni Brasher says:

    What about helping to find the most environmentally friendly cars.

  166. belinda says:

    Laundry. Some think of it as a four letter word. Which washers really are the best and really do get your clothes clean. also, It would be a great idea if you could link in detergents. Which really give the best results. Commercials are often biased by the companies. Expensive doesn’t always mean better.

  167. Meghan says:

    A holiday Piki! On Halloween, it tells you the best costumes to wear based on the data you input [ size, color, etc.] On Christmas, what to give as presents, and what to serve for dinner. On New Year’s Eve, what to eat, wear to watch fireworks, etc. One last example: On Valentine’s Day, what kinds of candy and valentines cards to give! I personally love the idea. Can’t wait for the launch of this website! YAY! Also, can I please stop being ignored? Let me know what you think of my ideas.

  168. Meghan says:

    A furniture Piki! It helps you make decisions on where to buy furniture based on price range, where you live, etc.

  169. Marlene Cooper says:

    Here’s one more idea.. how about a piki to compare Cellular companies by price and coverage for your home area and ara nationwide along w/ pricing of various features by company and coverage?

  170. Kevin Wine says:

    I think a Piki to help choose the best animal for you would be cool.

  171. Jacqueline says:

    If nobody had already said this, how about a Piki for deciding what house or apartment to buy?

  172. Kailey B says:

    Never heard of Piki before.. Awesome!

  173. belinda says:

    The ways to quit smoking and the consumer ratings on them. ranking overall which doctor prescribed options and which non prescription methods truly work best with least side effects.

  174. Donna Tyer says:

    I think Piki could help someone pick what company to go with if they want to remodel their home or office.

  175. Erica Hardin says:

    A piki for picking colleges or even picking majors. College apps are due soon for the fall year, so couldnt launch at a better time

  176. Erica Hardin says:

    A piki for picking a college

  177. Omari Billings says:

    A piki for picking a car. It will be used every day by thousands of people. Last time I was car hunting I had to make my own chart to compare and contrast in on Excel. What an awesome idea you’re doing, nothing out there like it.

  178. Meghan says:

    What about a Piki for holidays, like what to serve, what to give as gifts, what kind of candy to buy, what costume to wear, etc.
    Or a Piki that helps you make decisions about wear to plant plants based on your location, how much sun, how much shade, etc.
    Or one wear you post pictures, and the Piki tells you if its too blurry, too dark, etc. Then you have the option of ordering your pictures.
    Or one that helps you compare snacks, by using calories, grams of fat, etc.

    I used some of my previous ideas, because I noticed my other comments were gone. Maybe they’ll be back soon. If not, here are some of my ideas again.

  179. Piki to help decide what college to go to. A breakdown of costs in state and out of state and samples of professor ratings, class sizes, etc

  180. Steffany Woolsey says:

    A piki for the kind of car YOU need based upon budget, family size, annual mileage, comfort factor, etc.!

  181. ron stefani says:

    Looks like a lot of time was devoted to electronics, but that leaves open vehicles, and all the breakdowns.
    Howabout household items, from appliances to furniture. oh the possibilities are endless

  182. Jessie says:

    A piki to help you decide what movie to watch

  183. Billie Everly says:

    A Piki for people who want to diet. Help them choose the right one and the foods to eat.

  184. steph says:

    How about a piki for finding the best printer for your netbook or laptop>?

  185. LadyBugSYG says:

    Chosing where to live when you retire is important. Pikimal could help find the perfect place based on climate, activities nearby, cultural resources, population size, cost of living, and several other unique factors.

  186. ANETRA MITCHELL says:

    Piki could help choose the best insurance for home, car, flood etc.
    Piki could help choose the best mobile service, plan, phone etc.
    Piki could help choose the best computer based on performance, warranty, features, etc..

  187. Benjamin says:

    And maybe one about rating newspapers nationally. I don’t know how many times I’ve gotten a news paper that I hate, and I wasted money on it. I would really help if there was something that could tell me which major ones are great!

  188. John Z says:

    Party ideas for children’s birthdays.
    Enter age, # of guests, price point, etc. and tool would suggest ideas for where to take the kids.

  189. Angela says:

    A piki for choosing a hospital for specific medical conditions/procedures. It could be split up based on location, specialty areas, ratings, religious affiliation, other amenities, etc.

  190. John Z says:

    Name your baby…..
    Pick sex, nationality, religion, etc. that people use to help them pick names

  191. Cheryl says:

    The best type of dog for your family and lifestyle

  192. Justin Clifton says:

    A good slogan could be: “Can’t make a choice, then just Pikimal” but in response to the post you are requesting….An idea I would like to see would be if you searched for a certain food or food group, it could not only give all of you options but give a specific numbe of actual samples to try wonce you have found what you are looking for. For example, search for “Sushi” and not only have your search results but have a small chart or something that list like the top five recommended Sushi rolls you should try. So maybe it would come up with twelve different sushi bars and have a list of “California Roll, Philly Roll, Rock and Roll, Spider Roll, Rainbow roll” along with descriptions. This would be an awesome feature that I would use over and over again!

  193. Andy says:

    With the caveat that investments have an inherent risk, and you are not a replacement for licensed financial advice, what about a piki to help people select stocks and bonds? Personal risk tolerance, age range, family size, etc, could be factors that fit into selecting the best investments for individual portfolios.

    Another idea might be non-profits that someone could volunteer at. As an example, I work full time and always have difficulties finding non-profits that I can volunteer at after normal work hours. Something that filtered volunteer needs, timing, geographic location, etc, would be beneficial.

  194. heather b says:

    Ok, this might sound odd, but, for example, I’m searching for good immunologists in SC and surrounding areas, who have specialized for more than x number of years, and who have experience in treating Chronic Lyme disease, bartonella, babesia, and lymphodema, preferrably as many of the above as possible, who are willing to work with pain specilists, etc. I bet a piki that could rank and help decide that sort of information would be really helpful to lots of people who are looking for specialized care in their local areas…. it’s remarkably hard to find sometimes!

  195. Raj says:

    This would come in handy with Christmas coming. My idea would be to use a Piki for vacation resorts. We are already planning for next year and it is so hard to compare different places on different sites at the same time.

  196. Steve says:

    How about a Piki for deciding what type of pet would be the best for your lifestyle or what type f dog might fit best with your family?

    • pikimal says:

      Steve — we’ve had that suggestion quite a few times. Can you think of anything else that would make a good Piki?

      • Steve says:

        Sorry, there were too many responses to read them all first. How about something geared for kids. Maybe a way to find child friendly events in a certain area, whether it be community sports or just fun places that kids enjoy. I know where we live, it is hard to find things that the kids would be interested in and maybe there are places that we could be missing that Piki could narrow down and help us find. Or my wife just suggested that maybe a way to help find and decide on age appropriate projects for kids, like crafts. It could based on age, gender, or even project materials and difficulty level.

  197. April R. says:

    What about a Piki for ways to save money like coupons, freebies, deals, etc. Or even a Piki for blogs where you can search for a specific type of blog. I am a true blog-a-holic and would LOVE this!

  198. Danielle Priser says:

    How about a Piki for MMORPG’s! Separated (of course) into types and styles, downloadable and flash. :D

  199. Lori Houchin says:

    Since a Piki is a decision making tool which helps people set preferences, filter results, and compare different products, how about one for searching out local businesses for people new to the area? Such as dry cleaners, daycares, or even churches not to mention banks, any local business that has say special offers like free pick-up or delivery or early bird specials, bogo etc…local events like recycle day.

  200. Anna says:

    I am a big animal lover and volunteer for a local organization that provides low cost spay & neuter services for low income families and helps rescue abused & neglected pets. I would LOVE a Piki for pet care, animal shelters, pet stores, etc. That way, people could get information and help in one easy-to-navigate place! :)

  201. robin says:

    how about piki for child care and schools.

  202. Lisa says:

    How about a Piki for meal planning? I’m horrible at it and could use all the help I can get. :)

  203. Erin Connors says:

    A piki to help decide what’s for dinner ;)

  204. CC says:

    What about a Piki for places to go fishing? You could sort by type of fish you want to catch (trout etc. ) Also you would STAY LEGAL by finding out if they have catch and release or if you can take the fish and cook them. It would also tell you if you need a special license. Could also include factors to help you decide like were docks for boats are located and what water sports you wanted to do (kayaking etc.) How much it would cost etc. You could say you don’t have to fish around when you have piki!

  205. Lori Wagner says:

    How about one to find the closest rock climbing or kayaking near you?

  206. clint says:

    A piki for shopping for a vehicle with options selection including reviews from other piki users.

  207. Debi says:

    i am thinking that a pikimal can be used to find a specifically cooked item, with certain ingredients in certain restaurants for ppl who may be allergic, or cant eat gluten or are on a specific diet anywhere in the world he or she may be?

  208. BenJamin says:

    Sweet! Thanks! When will I get an email to confirm address?

  209. Jennifer Anne says:

    How about pikis for doctors and alternative medicine sources?

  210. Margaret says:

    how about a Piki that tells you what are the hot gifts for certain age groups? to give you ideas like for birthdays and Christmas.

  211. Patricia says:

    How about a piki that can help you decide on where to go on your next vacation/adventure trip.Based on questions you answer such as when are you planning on going, what activities do you like to do or would like to try.What type of food do you like or would like to try, where have you gone on vacations/adventures before. Then based on your answers piki can give you suggestions on new places that you would like or try and even help you with the best hotel,flight bookings and specials.

  212. clint says:

    A piki to chose the best place for family vacations

  213. Debi says:

    How about a discreet listing of where you can get help for family problems, or money problems, or say a hot,meal or bed for the night or help with a child who is causing a parent harm or being disrespectful without ppl treating you like just another case or disrespecting you bcuz you have a problem. Actual listings of ppl and places that will help you immediately not after something happens or tomorrow. There are ppl out there who are willing to help other ppl out but its always thru agencies and you never get the right help you need. These would be specific ppl who can help you with specific things without so many other ppl getting involved even if its just to talk and they are willing to come to you immediately where an agency cannot help you. For instance, I could provide a bed for someone for a night or two or a hot meal but where would I reach out and too who or whom. Churches and agencies dont always have the answer. Human to human interaction can be important.I would put my number out there and use my discretion on who I would or could help.

  214. West says:

    Cute idea putting the address label on the front :) As for PIkis and being a “top/best of” website, you should definitely invite websites to post their products on there and have the members vote. I do love how advanced you can search the products!

  215. WENDI PHILLIPS says:

    We home school.
    How about a Piki that lists the best and worst home school websites by grade.
    Would be a great help to us

  216. Roger Wilco says:

    a piki for a places to drink alcohol! (bars, pubs, my front porch etc) and it could direct you depending on what you wanted to drink or the atmosphere you wanted to drink in.

  217. WENDI PHILLIPS says:

    Didn’t think the first one went through.

  218. Paige says:

    One to help you find the right church for you.!!I tried to post earlier but I don’t see it!!

  219. Matt says:

    How about a Piki that helps people determine what furniture would look best in a room based on the color of their walls and carpet and the color and style of other furniture?

  220. Natalie Johnson says:

    How about a piki for contactors/ subcontractors/ specialty contractors?

  221. Tiffany says:

    What about one that allows you to review resturants that are local.

  222. Piki for choosing the right branch of the military service to join

  223. Sara Sanson says:

    Great Idea

  224. Sara says:

    love it love boucy balls

  225. Chris Browning says:

    Piki would be a terrific way to communicate with other grandparents to gain insight and ideas for activities with our grandkids. Different vacation spots for grandparents and grandkids together, winter craft ideas, traveling with grandkids of various ages and open communication together. The possibilities are almost endless.

  226. kristyl galli says:

    It says a referral code is required but I can’t seem to find one…anyone know where one is, or how I get it!?

  227. sue says:

    How about a piki to help you decide what exercises are best depending on your fitness goals, calories burned, or physical limitations.

  228. mike says:

    sure you must have ones for a car and house, how about a stock or investment ? or a decision tool for a decision ?? hard to suggest an addendum when I’m not sure what you have.

  229. Cybill says:

    How about a piki that suggest places to eat and visit based on location? Kind of like a navigation system – say you are on a road trip and you pass through various states and want to have a bite to eat….you should make a Piki that can reveal the best local eats and the best stuff to do while in the area. :)

  230. Todd says:

    When I’m buying a new racquet for racquetball, I find it a daunting task to sort through all the racquets available. I think Piki would work well for this task!

  231. Rose says:

    I’d like to see health related products at different stages of growth on Piki. Such as the best toothbrush for children ages 2-8. But also, the best toothbrushes for older adults. Categorize them by ages. Older adults needs change as much as growing children.

  232. Kristin Dutt says:

    How about a Piki for how to really take care of pets, not the standard info pet stores gave you that’s usually wrong anyways. More in depth info with people who actually own the pets. Like heck I own exotic hermit crabs (think neon violet, bright red) and did ya know they need to bury? Some of my crabs stay down months and I don’t see them. The average person wouldn’t know that and would take the word of a pet store worker. Done rambling ;)

  233. Patty Rose says:

    How about one that can help you at the grocery store, like deciding on which products are best for your family. Which cereals for example for your children, which vitamins they should be taking, that are best for their health. I always have to look at the ingredients to see which products are good. It would save so much time if I had a way of knowing without reading all the labels. I think Piki will be an excellent idea.

  234. Debby Kulchar says:

    I think a good idea for a piki would be something that advises families of local activites and fun things to do for leisure activites in their area

  235. Tiffany Bajja says:

    I think it is great it will really help me when I am shopping online!

  236. Kiera says:

    A Piki to decide what color to wear for the day!

  237. Melissa Roach says:

    A piki could be used for where to go for dinner, what movie to go see, what game to play, what family event you should do :) It could also be used for adopting a pet from various parts of the state/country, or what you could do to help. Also, you could use it to connect with others on a subject like world peace or helping the military overseas…how can we help? What do they need? How can we keep them in touch with their famlies?

  238. Heather says:

    How about one for helping you choose local schools for children? School rankings are public information, but you have to know where to search. A one place stop would be ideal. When choosing where to move, that is one of the top priorities for most parents. A database or search engine according to zip code would be ideal!!

  239. Lisa says:

    I would definitely be interested in seeing product reliablity/repair ratings for the products that you list. Unfortunately that has become a critical consideration in the purchasing process and an arduous task to research.

  240. Lori says:

    I would love to see a piki about different products that could help me reduce the cost of my electricity bill.

  241. Spencer Yu says:

    A Piki to decide which charity to donate money to!

    (e.g.World Vision,Red Cross,Etc.)

  242. Jon Cohan says:

    This sounds like it would be great for choosing products like kayaks & paddles, skis & snowboards, vehicle rack components/setups and all manner of sport & fit-specific items. Can’t wait to check it out! One of my biggest gripes with customer feedback is that comments frequently address issued or features that are not important to me, so this seems like it will help. Thanks!

  243. Kyla says:

    I would like a piki on different ways to stay organized. Including different bins and skills that could help with it.

  244. Anjie Henley says:

    A Piki for BEST RESTAURANTS ………….in town ………….would especially be good for VACATIONS
    so that we can go to the BEST restaurants with the best food and atmosphere, not the ones with the best advertising techniques and/or locations ..

  245. LINDA NEBEL says:


  246. Joe Nelson says:

    A Piki for tanning salons & amusement parks and/or haunted houses, etc

  247. William Evans says:

    How about a Piki to help choose the right kind of wall paint for a project? You could have it by product, color, typt of project, etc.

  248. Francine Grimm says:

    How about a piki that rates high scools in terms of gradutation rates. With mom’s and dad’s now haveing the ability to have more choice in where they send their children it would be a great help. the columbus public scool system stinks, had i a resourse such as yours i might have moved elsware or sent them to a further school. education is utmost importance for todays child and any help im sure would be appreciated. i realize it’s monumental but as they say, one step at a time.

  249. Gail Anderson says:

    As a diabetic I could use Piki to help choose the right foods to eat . From finding foods to cooked at home and especially from Restaurants. This tool would be very helpful for the millions of us that are diabetic.

    • pikimal says:

      Gail, we love the idea of a Piki for foods, that could help people with nutritional requirements. However, we’ve had that Piki suggested a few times before. Can you think of any other ideas?

  250. Candice says:

    How about a Piki that helps you decide where to move. Maybe sorted by great schools, recreation types, weather, income, etc.

  251. raman says:

    Hi piki guys

    the festive season is nearing, abt a piki that helps decide both budget friendly & useful gifts for friends,neighbours,c-workers,relatives,kids, will sure bring a smile on everyone’s faces..

    Thanks for this wonderful innovation..waiting for it’s launch..

  252. Lauir says:

    What about a Piki that shows all the WiFi hotspots in your area?

  253. LJD says:

    Did my job hunting/search piki idea work?

    • pikimal says:

      LJD, we love your enthusiasm, but we’re still not sure what you meant. What specifically would the Piki help you choose between?

      • LJD says:

        Specifically, it would help me decide if I should dedicate 3 months of 12 hour a day studying (and thousands of $) for the bar of another state in order to be licensed to practice in another state than the one I am currently practicing in now. The decisionmaking process is killing me as I currently write out pro/con lists over and over again.

        So a tool to help me determine whether my family would be better of if we moved to another state (and undertook all the work that goes with it), or if we should stay here.

  254. Meg Blasingame says:

    A piki food choices best for people with certain dietary requirements (gluten free, etc) would be very useful.

  255. Judy Massey says:

    I scanned all the replies but not sure if this was mentioned.
    How about using it to compare toys at Christmas, if you are interested in a popular toy, see where it is sold and prices. That way you can get the better price at a location close to you.
    How about using it to find Christmas or any recipe? Recipes are all so different, so if you are looking for a certain type, this would be easier to find it.

    • pikimal says:

      Judy, gifts was mentioned but not toys. You get a ball!

      • Judy Massey says:

        Thanks so much!! I am sure the kiddos will love it!!!
        There are actually thousands of ideas to use your Piki!! Great for home, work, fun, games, business, conferences, just about everything!!! I am excited for you and hope you go far with this!!
        Can’t wait for the site to officially open!!!!

  256. ted says:

    how about a piki for cars? or vehicles such as boats and atvs and such? if not that then what about a piki for animals/animal breeders? lastly, how about a piki for clothing or books?

  257. ted says:

    oh, and what about a piki for music? or videogames? or like board games?

  258. Ana Gomez says:

    Best summer camps for kids in the country and abroad, for age, sport, language, etc

  259. Lori says:

    How about a Piki to help you decide which food is best for your pet?

  260. Scott says:

    What about a piki to help parents know what and where the best child care places are in each town. It would be a great help especially for people moving to new towns because you never know where to look or people to trust!

  261. Rhiannon Parvin says:

    I like the idea of a piki! i dont quite understand wat u mean by ideas for pikis, but i think it sounds cool!

  262. Rhiannon Parvin says:

    I think piki could help people that are looking for the right job for them! like some people pick a job just because they need one! they dont actually think about whats best for them…or some dont no whats best for them!

  263. Savanah says:

    GreaT Idea!!!!! *(:

  264. Dr. Ram Katz says:

    How about a carpool resource? The idea would be to find various people going to similar locations or destinations. Each user would enter credit card number for the credit score in order to create a safety rating system.

  265. Tonya says:

    Has anyone suggested a Piki to help me decide what to make for dinner? I can look through the fridge and see what I have, but I can never make up my mind as to what to use my ingredients in.

  266. Marianne says:

    How about a piki to help with decorating a room. For instance if it’s the kitchen it could help decide on new cabinets, paint colors, floors, countertops, faucets, etc… I need all the help I can get with decorating!

  267. diane ferreira says:

    How about a Piki to help narrow down your search for buying a car…based on features, performance, crash safety ratings

  268. Jennie says:

    I’m a mom of 2 little ones, & I sometimes have a hard time figuring out which toys are the safest for my little ones. I think a Piki for age-appropriate toys would be extremely helpful! (One thing that drives me a little crazy: when a toy says “Ages 3+,” for example. I don’t know if that’s the age the child will be able to use the toy, developmentally, or if the toy has small parts or somethng that makes in actually dangerous for the child. I want to keep my babies safe!)

    Another idea: a Piki to help you decide between children’s clothing brands, so you don’t have to try to figure out which size to buy. Each brand sizes differently, so what’s a size 6 months for Carter’s, for example, may be completely different (and usually is!) from Disney’s size 6 months.

  269. Sun Raj says:

    Piki is such an amazing idea!

  270. Bill Rogers says:

    How about a Piki that would help us learn about greener choices for energy efficient appliances?

  271. BJ Johnston says:

    How about a Piki for helping motorcyclists decide what bike is best for them or to help find accessories for their current motorcycle and motorcycle gear? There is so much out there it’s overwhelming and hard to choose.

  272. Robyn says:

    How about a Piki for choosing what branch of military service to join? I didn’t read all the posts, this might have already been suggested.

  273. Lunarcy says:

    Gaming! This would be great for choosing what kind of game is right for you. Flash games, console games, MMORPGs… there are so many different kinds and sometimes, its hard to pick.

  274. Eyvonne Arace says:

    A piki for schools in the local area! That way the parent can choose the best school for their child; a college student can easily find the best school to his/her liking! Wow. I wish I had that when I was looking for a school. Also, dog breeds would be another suggestion, details about breed behavior, and where to find/buy/adopt them.

  275. I have a couple ideas….

    1. I own a very small, but growing bakery. I’d like to use piki to monitor trends in new flavors or flavor combinations.

    2. I’d use piki to help me pick the best type of marketing for my small business.

  276. Angel says:

    I think u should do a piki about computer software that is out there that people use everyday bc I really hate havin to shop around to find what I need and at where hte best deals are !

  277. diane ferreira says:

    In case my first answer doesn’t qualify…here’s another…A Pikimal for best physicians and healthcare facilities.

  278. VINH says:

    1) What about a piki for business-to-business transactions? (btw manufacturer and wholesalers, and other folks along the supply chain).

    2) Or a piki for ranking of employers (i.e., degree of office politics, level of opportunities, pay, lenght of stay, etc).

    3) Or a piki for public schools or private schools in a locale/region.

    4) Or a piki of social network sites (myspace, facebook, hi5, etc)

    5) Or a piki of expensive professionals (doctors, lawyers, etc)

    6) Or a piki of charities (as same charities might not be as “real” as others…too much of the funds go towards admin fees for some charities).

    7) Or a piki for high-end luxury items (private jets, boats, jewelry, etc). Why limit your audience to middle & upper middle class only? Conversely, a piki on the best low end shops (99 cent stores, Pic and Save, etc)

  279. Taryn says:

    First of all, I love the idea of this site! I am all about researching certain products before I go out and buy them so this is easy, specific and ideal. Thank you for being brilliant :)
    Personally, I am getting started as a photographer and I think people would love to search for the kind of photographers that they would work best for what they want out of their photoshoot.
    Brides, parents looking to have family, infant or children portraits done, models looking for headshots. There are so many categories in photography. I think people would love to search by location, price, specialty and style. :) Again thanks for creating such a cool site.

  280. Deb P says:

    What a great ideas! I have already signed up to be on your emailing list!
    I hope you will have a ‘health and beauty’ section. Even picking out toothpaste can get confusing these days….tartar control, whitening, baking soda, peroxide, enamel building…what the heck!?
    Also home improvements, like flooring…..should I get tile (vinyl or ceramic?) linoleum, parquet,or laminate. Which is best for what rooms? Are there some that shouldn’t be used in the bathroom because of humidity?

  281. Cybill says:

    My comment/suggestion was not posted yesterday. :(

  282. Jen says:

    I think a piki to scout out freebies(not spam freebies) across the web would be really cool!

  283. Kassie says:

    I like the idea of having a piki to search different locations to travel….with maybe a zoom in affect to certain locations and have it under different weather types, kid-friendly places, non-traveled places, and this could also help boost our economy by maybe giving people the knowledge of great places around the world that they have never heard of. You could have your piki’s on other websites for traveling such as travelvelocity ect..

  284. Cindy says:

    So many different cooking and recipe websites/software out there… what about helping sort through the best ones??

  285. Robyn says:

    What about a piki for choosing funeral services?? I know it sounds a little morbid, but its something we all need eventually. You have to consider costs, services provided, location, etc.

  286. Susan says:

    a piki for hearing aids would be good.

    • pikimal says:

      Susan, love it, and thanks for your enthusiasm and many suggestions! We combed through the repeat suggestions, but for hearing aids, you are getting a ball!

  287. Rhiya Parker says:

    I think a good idea for a piki would be to help people find that right job for them based on interests, age, job environment, skills, dislikes, etc. I think it could really help people!

  288. Meena R says:

    A piki to help pick a college. So one that can compare the various categories of some of the colleges you are trying to choose from. For example, you would consider tuition, location, courses and other categories that you think are important in order to make your decision.

  289. Meena R says:

    I think that a piki to help pick electives at college would be really helpful. There are so many different classes that you can take and something that can help you filter and categorize them into your interests would be helpful. Therefore you could find the class that you know you will be interested in and will have more fun in it.

  290. What about a piki for picking the best website based on your needs. There are so many websites out there, but which ones are best suited for what you what; such as toys, clothes, astronomy, homework help, college scholarships, etc.

  291. Marci C. says:

    I need a piki to sort out what affordable family events are available in my state. It’s time for a staycation.

  292. Sean says:

    How about a Piki for places that kids can eat free or discounted. For example find restaurants, or even other businesses, in a specific area that has free meal with purchase of adult meal, and such. Very helpful for single parents or divorced (such as myself).

    • pikimal says:

      Sean, love it, but restaurants has been suggested by several others. Can you think of any other ideas?

      • Sean says:

        How about a Piki for those who are fashionably incompetent (like myself) to help figure out what colors or patterns go together. Taking time of year into play, style of shirt with pants, shoes, etc. Especially a useful tool for certain occasions. Like “What do I wear to my 10th high school reunion?” or “What do I wear to so and so’s college graduation?” etc

        That a better idea?? :)

  293. Taetem S says:

    I think a Piki that helps with college scholarships would be amazing. Something that will help you to choose which forms to fill out and which to just ignore. :)

  294. Krishna says:

    How about a piki helping with apartment search? Allow a way to filter out areas which might be interesting given the person’s preferences?

  295. Nani says:

    I would like to see a piki to help me decide what wine goes best with different entrees.
    Thank you. This looks like it will be an awesome site!

  296. Christy says:

    What about which type of collage fund to set up for your kids?

  297. Desiree Bulak says:

    What about a piki to help you compare happy hour prices at restaurants or bars in the area or one to compare prices and durability of musical instruments?

  298. Stephanie Ochoa says:

    I would love to try this. Looking forward to it in fact. Have a great week and keep up the good work!

  299. Daren says:

    A piki to help you choose what movie to see on date night!

  300. maggiee says:

    What about a piki for healthy choices at fast food places we eat could show the health facts for foods on different restaraunt menus all in one place so when I’m on my lunch break,I can look and see which is healthier and or more affordable.It would be a great way to help me and others start eating healthier.

  301. Melissa Girdner says:

    I think they are cool, and ALOT of fun. Having fun makes everything better.

  302. Ron Goetz says:

    How about a Piki rating all those Get Rich Quick on-line websites. Do any of them work?

  303. angi sheridan says:

    I think there should be a piki for community resources.Alot of people are not aware of the resources available for them to utilize when they need a litte extra help.

  304. Luke says:

    How about a piki for bars/restaurants and their specials. I know there’s a lot of nights where i try to decide where the best place to go out to would be.

  305. Christian says:

    How about a Piki that helps you decide what snack and food brands to buy? Maybe someone could decide to buy Kosher or Organic. Etc…

  306. Paige says:

    just started researching life insurance and i cant decide which one to choose there is accident , term and whole i could use some help with deciding that

  307. Mary Bulka says:

    How about a Piki to help choose the best Cancer specialist or Cancer treatment hospital in your area?

  308. Sarah Lee says:

    that is awesome!!

  309. christa parish says:

    While using other filtering tools, one annoyance is that there is almost never a way to exclude certain terms or types of information. IE. when job searching a zip code but exclude any medical or RN specific jobs.
    Even with searching for a best product, sometimes there may be brands that one would want to exclude from the list entirely.

    Also, as there are so many search engines now popping up, many have ‘payments’ for use. While this can be costly before a launch, perhaps setting up searches for donations. Where an outside donor may make a small donation to the charity of your choice with every search used.

    Good luck on your big launch!

    • christa parish says:

      Oh and just for fun, I always love a random setting. For example, videos, humor, no violence: run with it! Or add in a random word to see what would change the hits. Perhaps animal, or bulldozer, or bouncy ball. Then see where the search takes you.

    • pikimal says:

      Christa, thank you so much for the warm wishes! We hope to see you back on the site on Launch Day!

  310. jim black says:

    A piki for most popular christmas gifts for dads

  311. John says:

    How about a Piki to sort gas prices and locations?

  312. Andrew says:

    A piki to help me figure out whether or not to go out to record an album and pursue what I believe I’m meant to do.

  313. Jess says:

    reposting from facebook :)

    social networking websites, memory drugs/vitamins (piracatem is my favorite), one-a-day/all-in-one vitamins, honeymoon sites (foreign and USA domestic), scotches, music-mixing software, . . .

  314. Tammy Nation says:

    How about a Piki for helping you decide what movie to watch and meal to order in for family night? Or perhaps which exercise program would you enjoy the most (yoga, pilates, taeno, running, etc)? I even like what activity should we go do tonight (bowling, golf, movie, billards …) or even what kind of food should we eat tonight. Mostly to help make a decision when neither of you can decide or when an entire family is all saying ” I don’t care”, “Whatever” … Haha

  315. cheryl says:

    we are looking for a new used car we could sure use some help looking, compare gas rate and what cars last the longest, which ones have to have more repairs done than others…HELP!!

  316. Christian says:

    How about a Piki for an artist that can’t decide on what to paint or draw? For example, to help them decide if they want to draw a portrait, landscape. Then, portrait of who and what kind of landscape? Maybe a desert or an ocean or a jungle… so many choices.

  317. Elissa says:

    Self servingly, I’m pretty sure we need a piki on personal development resources!

    scientific to storytelling
    analytic to touchy feely
    expert teaches to anybody teaches
    individual to group

    Happy launching!

  318. Tammy N says:

    I own a Computer Repair company, I’d like to see a piki for comparing prices for computer components, peripherals, and programs. Perhaps also, one for most reliable and best for your money computers, laptops and other IT items.

  319. Kalina says:

    What about a piki that compares and ranks merchant accounts – they all have so many fees (transaction fee, monthly maintenance fee, annual fee, charge-back fee, international transaction fees, internet sales fee, mail/phone order transactions, address verification fee, support/statement fee, setup fee, etc ) and when you have your own business knowing which provides the best fees and service is very important.

  320. Kalina says:

    or how about an airline piki – one that can help you choose the perfect carrier by comparing not just the price, but also points, seat assignments, layover (both time and #), departure and arrival times, total trip time, etc.

  321. Natalya Shmonina says:

    I really like. Good idea! Peaks can help you choose a pet from a shelter.

  322. Deanna says:

    I think it could be about pros and cons on deciding for teens or anyone wanting to join the army or navy or which ever. Helping to choice which one will be bast for them in the long run. My brother in law right now is looking into place and all her hears and reads about are how and what he would recieve in the long run, but it doesnt help him to see what the big picture will be in the long run as far as future outlooks and where he will be when its all said in done and how it can help him achive his life time goals.

  323. Deanna says:

    How about laying out the pros and cons of each program in the Militaryas far as what will help you achieve your goals in the long run and which program will be best for you. My brother in law is going through that right now and is having a hard time deciding which program will be best for him ( army, airforce, navy, marines…ect)

  324. Deanna says:

    how about deciding when becoming a first time mom what house cleaning products are safe to use when you have little ones. I use to stand in the store for hours just so I could read every bottle and decide that way but it would help if it was already done and for a good price in the end.

  325. Priya says:

    How about a piki for help on the preparation of taxes, that tells you all the important information you need to have and information on tax credits offered on household items.

  326. Thomas says:

    I have quite a few, so bear with me:

    1.A Piki for email clients, gmail, hotmail, yahoo!, etc.

    2.A Piki for YouTube channels, which can be broken up into the various categories, i.e. in the tech category, have the best YouTubers that make videos about technology, and in fashion, the best fashion gurus.

    3.Similarly, a Piki for Twitter accounts, like CEO’s of companies, or celebrities, or newsletters or things of that sort, which can also be broken up into categories.

    4.A Piki for board games, like Cranium and games like that.

    5.A Piki for sports teams, venues, services, etc.

    6.A Piki for different websites’ stores, like Best Buy vs Target vs Wal-mart for which has the best customer experience.

    7.A Piki for courses in specific colleges

    8.A Piki for employment opportunities

    9.A Piki for different companies’ customer service experiences

    10.A Piki for cleaning/maid services

    11.A Piki for independent artists, for example, if somebody wanted a specific picture drawn or a flier made for their company, you could have a Piki for them to try to find a good fit

    12.A Piki for reference websites, like Wikipedia, for when students have to write papers, to help them choose the right one.

    13.A Piki for recipes, or one for websites that host recipes

    14.A Piki for childcare services, like nannies or daycares

    15.A Piki for Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games, or MMORPGs, that can be graded on strength of community, acceptance of new players, difficulty level, family atmosphere level, etc.

    16.A Piki for drugstore makeups that are comparable to the top of the shelf products (called dupes, or duplicates) for people on a budget

    17.A Piki for political candidates, like listing various hot topics, like immigration, economic reform, gay marriage, and let people use the sliders to show whether the specific candidate takes a more liberal, moderate, or conservative approach to the specific problems

    18.A Piki specifically for furniture from Ikea or something like that (everybody loves Ikea!!) where users can rate delivery times, or ease of setup, or how safe it is for families with children

    I love this idea for a website! I would use this all the time, for all the things I mentioned!
    Hopefully I can get a ball to show off my PikiPride!

  327. Zbigniew says:

    How about a piki to sort animal shelters/rescue centers.It could include options like species, breed, ‘no kill’ policy, and nonprofit status.

  328. debbie madill says:

    piki for best toys

  329. geannie says:

    I think you should do a pili for the best family friendly free activities in your area/

  330. Natalya Shmonina says:

    Piki can help novice gardeners in selecting plants unpretentious.

  331. Brenda says:

    My husband is a roofer contractor and homeowners always want to know the difference between the different shingles out there. Brands, colors, 20 yr or 30 yr shingles. can be confusing sometimes.

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  333. Spencer Yu says:

    Where is my post,pikimal? I can’t find it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  334. Mia Carson says:

    What about a piki to show activities for kids?

  335. Mia Carson says:

    What about to find activities for kids?

    Mia Carson
    124 Debbie Lane
    Newport News, VA 23602

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  337. Marie Lisk says:

    a piki to help make the decision on which branch of miitary to go into.

  338. Lindsay says:

    A Piki with ways to get involved in one’s community. Volunteer programs, charities, upcoming events, things of that nature. I am starting a non-profit in my area dealing with childhood cancer and know the value of people finding that sort of information readily available. I am always looking for something to do in my area to help and I’m sure others feel the same.

  339. Rachel Miller says:

    My husband is in the military and getting ready for his third deployment. How about something for all of the military spouses and family that want to find the best, inexpensive things to send in a package?

  340. Hannah says:

    How bout a piki that helps you find what color you look best in, based on skin tone, hair color, eye color, etc?

  341. Liz says:

    Piki, could be great for comparing expensive sports equipment before purchase!

  342. Hannah says:

    I think that a piki to help you choose what kind of tea to drink would be very helpful. You could have parameters such as:
    *caffeinated or non- caffeinated,
    *what benefits you would like to receive from drinking the tea, (i.e. energy, appetite suppression, immunity booster, help you sleep, etc.),
    *if you want to drink hot tea or cold tea,
    *how sweet or bitter of a flavor tea you want to drink,
    *If you are looking for a tea that is good with natural sweetener, like sugar or honey, or better with a zero calorie sweetener like Splenda or Equal.

  343. looks like great fun we will give it a try

  344. Look like great fun we will give it a try

  345. jessica says:

    How about piki to help decide where to go on a vacation? state parks? theme parks? family houses? out of the country? hot cold weather? wet or dry?

  346. Jenn says:

    How about piki to help out with schools for the kids with there homework etc and like looking into the past of the mummies etc

  347. christeen says:

    what about a piki having the different types of seasons what happens during the seasons an how the four seasons make up a whole year of different things to do like in summer a piki ball would be great to play with on the beach in the spring great to play in a pool Fall great to play at a park an winter great to play in the snow

  348. shelly wilson says:

    or where should you eat for dinner or lunch, dine in or take out

  349. Leslie Lopez says:

    How about a Pikimal that can help you choose a topic to write something about? Like if you should write about history the present or more detailed things? I have writers blocks and this would really help me out!!

  350. Natalie Harrington says:

    This is great!!!

  351. jessica dickinson``` says:

    its nice to have a company thats want your input and dont mind telling u about the product

  352. crissy brown says:

    Great site and cool ball!!

  353. cammra james says:

    piki is to help the people who can’t help themselves, to feed the starving children, to help helpless animales.

  354. Jennifer says:

    it’s great love it

  355. Cassandra says:

    A piki tool to help with an iphone app and to help you with online college courses.

  356. Melissa Whittaker says:

    Awesome ball to play dodgeball with…in the pool!!

  357. tonya jeremias says:

    heighten awareness on endangered species

  358. Erin Surrett says:

    A piki to find a cure for Autism!

  359. valerie Messersmith says:

    How about a piki that helps decide dinner time topics to discuss?

  360. valerie Messersmith says:

    How about a piki that helps chose different topics to discuss at dinner?

  361. Danaedaria says:

    I want one!

  362. Eaglegirl4me says:

    I want one to.

  363. Karen Joyce says:

    How about one to count miles hiked?

  364. jackie says:

    i think one counting how many bounces you made that day.

  365. Katrinavanocker says:

    I want one!!!

  366. Bambimarie_2000 says:

    I want one since it bwould be a great way to releive the stress that we are having today high prices gas, food and alot of foreclosures. It would or might help.

  367. Eli Haffner says:

    Great for the whole family to play together.

  368. christy says:

    It is great for the whole family to play with and other neighbor hood kids to play with

  369. Tiana Gower says:

    I have an account, how do I request a Pikiball for my kiddos?

  370. how about u add a “kid friendly ” meter w things like handling durability and how much kids actually like the prouduct being a mom of 5 this would be great=] hope u like my idea we sure want a ball;)lol thanx

  371. Alfortune says:

    Hope ur still given them away. Cause i really would like 1.

  372. Brent says:

    put lots of diffrent designs and sparkles

  373. Rachel_rae86 says:

    are you still giving them away?

  374. Littlechic1999 says:

    They want give anyone one

  375. Candyce Stout says:

    Sounds like a new and innovative way to search the internet.

  376. Ltdgrandma says:

    Looks and sounds like a new and innovative way to search products on the internet.

  377. Tad says:

    looks good to me

  378. Kitty95076 says:

    sounds like something that will catch on :)

  379. Britbaize says:

    I would use a rating ball instead of a sliding scale and the higher you rate something the higher the ball will bounce:)

  380. Psychotron_45 says:

    my 3 year old daughter would love a bouncy ball are you still sending them. 


  382. Madanilene2 says:

    The Piki site is really cool. My kid would really love a piki ball. A good piki idea would be top vacation spots and the best ranked spots in the US . 

  383. Vickiew2005 says:

    My grandson would love one of these , he has been diagnosed with diabetes and he has to exercise so this just may help. This is really a cool thing foor kids.

  384. Ohhhh my kids love balls.. all 3.. they load the trampoline up with them and play for hours.. (we have a net) This ball would be so awesome for them… thank you!

  385. Dpacella says:

    I think that different colored piki’s could be for different categories, different size piki’s could also mean something, and different animations for pikis could be extra incentives for websites.

  386. Lvllyldy says:

    I think that having various colors would be a great idea:) children can pick the color they like and if they cant deceide maby a ball of various colors as well. You coould either let them pick or set colors to ages, moods, birthdays…ect

  387. Flunderfloss says:

    Wow this amazing pike is awesome the best thing ever

  388. I want a Ball! says:

    hi, i know someone who would love a new ball they sound very neat. It would be great to have them in even more colors. I hope your still giving them out!

  389. Anonymous says:

    Great for sending kids in the mail.

  390. Tifanie says:

    The pikiball will be great especially for the children at this time of year – nice gift for even the entire family.  It would be a blessing to receive one for my child who has at the  mild of autism

  391. Vsterling1234 says:

    I think that it might be a good idea to rank the best schools in the USA and send them pikiballs.

  392. Sara says:

    How Cool! What kind of kids don’t like bouncer balls? Especially this one, it sounds awesome! I will save one for my daughter(when she gets a little older).

  393. Patio65 says:

    this sounds like an awesome kids would really love it..hope u r still giving them away for free…

  394. Patio65 says:

    this sounds like an awesome kids would really love it..hope u r still giving them away for free…

  395. Crissy_lester says:

    cool ball i love bouncer balls now i want my kid to enjoy

  396. Alexamillican says:

    i have facebook would like to get my 3 yr this

  397. Colleen says:

    I have a facebook page. I want this ball for my 3 year old daughter.

  398. Maria says:

    I have a facebook page. I want this ball for my cute daughters

    • Dan Tallarico says:

      Hi! This post is old and we’re no longer giving out Piki Balls for that. Feel free to email me any questions at dan(a)

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