Launch of Pikimal: Geek!

Today marks the official launch of our second expert blog, Pikimal: Geek. In our electronic-focused Geek blog, we hope to ease your tough gadget decisions. At Pikimal, we believe that electronics are some of the most challenging products to make decisions about – think of how many different features and product specs describe small items like digital cameras.

Our Piki interface and algorithm is a natural way to make gadget choices. Is there a better way for a geek to compare products than by crunching the numbers and doing the math? We don’t think so, and that’s why we’ll have a Piki for all of your major electronic needs. While  some Einsteins might be able to cross-compare 100 specs across 2000 products, for the rest of us who want quality smartphones but don’t want to start reciting the names of fruits in order to remember numbers, Pikimal is your one-stop shopping guide.

The Piki-geeks who will bring you the best of the rest are social networking wonderboy Cody Musser and avid video game blogger Levi Prisk. Visit Cody and Levi at the blog, friend them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter. With Pikimal’s focus on electronics, Geek promises to be your shopping buddy for those difficult decisions.

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